Kristin Balter

Kristin Balter, self-made, successful entrepreneur and spiritual guru, is the mastermind behind Kristin Balter Design and Build Your Life - a project and mentoring to design your life with purpose.  She is also the creator of the Magic Mastermind Series- a series of events happening around the globe which focus on tapping participants into their greatness and living their true purpose. 

The focus of the masterminds is to tap into abundance – thinking, living and co-creating. Participants learn to create millions, while simultaneously impacting millions. Balter says that "to find your purpose and give it back to the world" is the ultimate goal.

Kristin Balter uses a wealth of tools which allow participants to break from old patterns that are holding them down and create authentic power. The curriculum was developed to embolden participants to take control over their lives, career and financial well-being, while honouring their unique life paths.  "There is no right or wrong past, only the path to self acceptance and recognizing that NOW is the only thing that matters and what we have control over", says Balter.

Balter, daughter of an nationally published addictions neuroscientist, obtained her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Toronto and was heavily influenced and interested in the the science of the mind from a young age. It wasn't until after a lucrative and successful career in property and design, however, that she had her biggest shift in mindset and went back to her roots in psychology. 

"I had used everything I learned about mindset in psychology and focused my life on creating a big, successful, money making machine," said Balter, " I ignored all my intuitions and internal cues to true joy and happiness and focused on what I saw society emulating and teaching me was valuable."

It wasn't till after a successful career that I recognized, this is it?

"I realized most of the wealthy people around me were still struggling in mindset and happiness, even though from a societal perspective they were 'wealthy'. Inside they were empty, poor. "

Balter said , " I recognized the irony of my own work. I spent all this time creating exteriors and  beautiful homes for myself and others, but on the inside I was dying. Without purpose other than making money, what was I striving for?" 

Balter began to seek the help of numerous professional psychologists and went deep into mindset coaching. She traveled the world in search of teachers, coaches and seminars to change her own mindset. From the Chopra Center in Carlsbad where Deepak Chopra teaches from the benefits of mediation and perfect health, to deep into internal work and Shamanic breath work, yoga, and mediation deep in the jungles of Costa Rica. 

"I wouldn't stop until I found my truth and purpose and knew at my core this truth was what so many others needed. With purpose we find meaning, not value in money and the external, but the value within."

Balter founded and developed Kristin Balter Design and Build your Life - a project to design and build your life with purpose.  The focus of the program is on eliminating limiting self beliefs and shifting mindset, bringing old habits and limiting beliefs to the surface and providing participants empowering tools for change and alignment with their highest self. 

Kristin Balter now mentors both individuals and companies, and runs mastermind events around the globe from Bali to Spain and North America. 

She holds strong to the belief that each and every one of us has a purpose and gift to give back to this planet. 

It is her goal and highest purpose to help inspire, mentor and share the mindset tools that allow us to find the magic of who we are.




As each SimplyBeMagic Mastermind Retreat is purpose built for the retreat theme content, not every facilitator listed attends every retreat. Check your specific retreat details to meet your specific team.

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Jess Faedo

At age 27 Jess taught herself how to love the most important person in her life, herself. 

From there warrior was born. One brave enough to start living the life she was made for and through yoga, Jess found her awakening

“Yoga quite literally saved my life". 

Having gone through the pain that comes with not living her truth and living a life of fear, a huge portion of Jess's work today is dedicated to the healing and transformations of others. Using yoga, meditation, crystals, sage and LOVE, Jess's magic has made a profound impact on the quality of many peoples lives. 

"People don't change, they become more of who they already are. When I am facilitating at a retreat or teaching a yoga class, it is my souls purpose at work to its most fulfilling and expansive capacity for all. I act with the best intentions fueled by pure love to facilitate a rebirth into an awakened life".

Jess lives in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, where when not traveling with SimplyBeMagic, she is a highly sought after yoga teacher to both adults and children;  awakening their movement, spirituality, connection and love vibration.



Priya Lakhi, of Awaken Ananda, is a gifted energy healer, channeled medium and spiritual teacher.  She has facilitated healing sessions for clients worldwide.  A former criminal defense attorney, Priya powerfully blends the practical and spiritual to help clients transform their lives from the inside out.

With the compassion of a healer and the clarity of a lawyer, Priya helps to initiate the creation and construction of reality for your dreams to be housed.  She awakens the highest state of being within each of us.  Together, we discover the power, love and inner guidance within you.  

As a metamorphic practitioner and yoga teacher, Priya has been extensively trained in India by a Reiki Grand Master, Shamanic practitioners with the lineage of the Hawaiian Huna and the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre.  These trainings, along with deep self-transformational work,  allows Priya to offer authentic, undiluted lineage-based techniques and rituals as part of a healing session.  With her ability to be grounded and yet access universal intelligence, clients are able to release energetic patterns that no longer serve them.

Priya's transformational work is multi-dimensional, as she works on each layer: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.  In a healing session, one can expect ancient and time-tested techniques founded in the art and science of energy healing, yoga and shamanism.  Priya incorporates Eastern philosophy, therapeutic techniques, sound healing, essential oils, mantras, crystals, breath work and guided meditations.  

As the founder of Awaken Ananda and as part of the SimplyBeMagic Mastermind core team, Priya is dedicated to inspiring the world into a new level of consciousness, compassion and wisdom.  We work together to Awaken Ananda -- your highest state of bliss.  Thank goodness we are all in this together

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"To be a Chef is a privilege, it is the only art form that uses all five senses, that's how special it is..." 

Born in the Philippines and raised in Hawaii, Rodelio Aglibot had his first inkling that his professional calling in life would be cooking at a very early age, crediting his parents as his early culinary mentors. After watching his father cook at home as a child, Aglibot tried his own hand at the technique in a tree house with a hibachi grill and a can of Spam. Luckily, he didn’t burn his backyard to the ground, but it did set him off on a culinary path that he is following today — combining a lively and experimental energy with unique ingredients and a touch of surprise.

Known the world over by media outlets as “The Food Buddha,” because of his dedication to his heritage and his approach to menu development, Aglibot has been featured on many national television programs, from the CBS Morning Show to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Aglibot continues his passion for knowledge and enlightenment. His unpretentious food style, knowledge of ingredients and exciting food traditions are trademarks to his personality. He lives his life by his own philosophy:

“A tragedy in life is not to find oneself and one’s passion…an even greater tragedy is to know one’s passion and deny oneself of its treasures.”


Aiesha Cosmos

With over 20 years experience reading and interpreting the Mayan Calendar, Aiesha is one of the top Mayan Astrologers and has been featured on TEDx Tulum

Aiesha uses the ancient wisdom of archetypical storytelling, to wisely weave the interpretation of your life, according to the Mayan Calendar. Her sessions are masterfully articulated to guide you in claiming the power of your truth as well as unlocking the gifts and understanding contained within the rhythms and synchronicities of the Mayan Calendar to understand both your personal and professional life. 

If not in attendance at the retreat, Aiesha will perform our readings remotely from Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

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Irina Zadek

Irina Zadek is a Kundalini and acrobatics instructor and Photographer.

Irina grew up in Argentina, but spent 8 years in Berlin where she was trained a professional acrobat and successively, created the well known Lavados duo!

After achieving international acclaim in theaters around Europe,  Irina began to look deeper at her practice of movement and develop her spirituality and connectedness to breath and life force. 

It was in this search that her journey truly began and where she studied Kundalini yoga and breath work intensely, under  master teachers in Madrid. 

Irina is our “triple threat” as in addition to teaching acrobatics and kundalini yoga, Irina is a professional photographer !

Camera on her hip (and smile on her face always) Irina  is well known as one of the best photographers in the Balearic Islands, where she now resides.

Watch out tribe … we are capturing your photo at every chance, in all of our beautiful locations and masterminds!!

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Nelson Martinez

Having a passion for cooking at a young age Chef Nelson began his culinary career attending Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena in 2007. Since then he has gone on to work in various high end hotels,private clubs, 5 star restaurants and even some personal celebrity clients. 

Being an avid fitness enthusiast as well he wanted to bring together his love for quality gourmet food and living a healthy and fit lifestyle. In 2014 he decided to create his own personal chef/gourmet meal prep company based out of Los Angeles California. 4 years later they now work with multiple clients throughout the county ranging from personal trainers,bodybuilders,celebrities and athletes. His biggest dream was to make a career of something he really enjoyed and be able to help people as well. Continuing his career now he'd like to show more and more people what it is to be healthy in mind and healthy in body.





As each SimplyBeMagic Mastermind Retreat is purpose built for the retreat theme content, not every speaker listed attends every retreat. Check your specific retreat details to meet your specific team.

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Jonathan George

As C.E.O. of JG Entertainment, has been creating, branding, and launching super stars in the entertainment world for over 20 years. Now, he is a powerful life and small business strategist who uses the same techniques to build and launch star brands for entrepreneurs. He is the co-founder of Starpreneurs, which builds high profile brands. 

He is an extreme intuitive and cuts thru the BS to get you in the mindset of an Olympian. With extreme focus and intentions, he gets you on track to help you achieve quick results. Coined as the 'Life Hacker' for Millennials, he approaches everything from a place of balancing your mind, body and soul to build not just a successful career, but also a successful life. His book How To Rock Life is set to release Jan 2019.


Jessica Zweig is the CEO of The SimplyBe Agency, a premiere personal branding firm based in Chicago and serving clients nationally. She was named one of the Top Digital Marketers to Watch in 2017 by INC.

The SimplyBe Agency helps its clients, ranging from corporate executives to politicians to entrepreneurs to artists, in becoming industry thought leaders. She speaks and facilitates workshops and masterminds, teaching the power of personal branding to corporations such as Heineken USA, Red Bull, Chicago Tribune, Virgin and BBMC Mortgage Bank.

Jessica began traveling the world for work a few years back (21 countries within just a few years to be exact) and saw firsthand that the power is in the people.  She learned that your ideas, your visions, your products and your goals don’t make it out into the world unless you do first..

As the Founder of The SimplyBe Agency, she helps her clients identify their value. Strong personal branding, when done right, is an act of service. It’s greater than your ego and bigger than your fears. It’s about your audience, your customers, your tribe. And they are waiting for you to show up.  

There are a million people out there who will teach you how to build a career. Through The SimplyBe Agency, 1:1 consulting, masterminds and workshops, Jessica works with companies and people who want to make a legacy. Legacies for altering the world, affecting the world and moving the world forward.

She has been featured in Crains, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Suntimes, Refinery 29, Tasty Trade, BizTech Magazine, Today’s Chicago Woman, Michigan Avenue, NBC, ABC, FOX, WTTW, WCIU, CBS and more as a leading entrepreneur and personal branding expert. She has spoken on the stages of Techweek, NEOCON, LinkedIn, The United Women in Business Foundation, 1871, Microsoft and more as an expert on entrepreneurship, digital marketing and personal branding. Visit her personal platform,, for more info.