This 6-day journey is a deep connection into mind body and soul.

Join us as we release limiting beliefs and re-wire our brains, bio hack our bodies and bring the heart and soul into complete alignment. Reunite with your inner child and meet your high vibe soul tribe to accelerate your highest YOU and pure potential this 2019, in Costa Rica.





Imagine feeling FULLY alive again?

With the one simple choice to JOIN US in Nosara, Costa Rica this

November 10-15th , 2019.

Step into all of who you are and have always been mind, body and soul.

Join us in a journey to activate all of your CHAKRAS and ALIGN you with INNER HEALING and wellness. Release the limiting beliefs and fears that have been holding you back .

Shamans treat illness by mending the SOUL . They connect the are the bridge between the human world and the spirit world. Find your awakening as our HEALER works one on one with you to mend, heal and begin to open your soul to its GREATNESS.

Then explore your greatness at the SOULS deepest level.

Be guided to your DIVINE PURPOSE and mission on this planet and in this lifetime, with our mindset and mindfulness coaches.

Begin to specifically plan and create your WAKING DREAM LIFE as we journal and guide YOU in master workshops, tailored to you and your most EXPANSIVE and ALIGNED growth.

Meet your SOUL TRIBE and fellow masterminds as you are guided in a journey of collective Co-CREATION in SELF-GROWTH and the growth of the planet.

BE a part of something BIGGER THAN YOU; a journey to raise the planets vibration through LOVE -beginning with our own inner HEALING.

Experience the MAGIC of raw cacao and sound healing ceremonies.

AWAKEN and connect all mind, body and soul with daily morning YOGA and deep BREATH WORK. Ground down and find a connection with Mother Earth in one of the most magical and healing places on the planet. A place where the locals are known as the happiest people on earth.

Discover what PURA VIDA truly means and embody it..

Eat clean, explore juices and the HEALING POWER OF FOOD.

Laugh like you are a child again and play with your soul sisters and brothers who, like YOU, are seekers. Seekers know this human body is our vessel and only a temporary place to stay as we will do our best to LIVE OUR BEST LIVES, up level and be guided by tapping into our INTUITION and TRUTH.


supported as you share, receive programs like acupuncture and massage specifically tailored to your healing and expansion.. Mastermind, adventure with surf, horseback riding, jungle journeys and BE with your TRIBE.

This year, awaken your MIND BODY AND SOUL and REUNITE with YOU

on a magical journey to


what you seek also seeks you.



JOIN US in Nosara, Costa Rica

November 10-15, 2019. Taking applications now!

$2997 USD / per person

based on shared ACCOMMODATION



Retreat rates are based on spacious shared accommodation.

Accommodation Upgrades Available - We also have some private suites available for individuals who prefer their own space, families with children, and couples travelling together. Ask about our special rates for children attending the Kids Mastermind Program and sharing a room with parents.




We will be announcing the details of our forthcoming Costa Rica COMMUNITY Retreat shortly. You can expect a premium VIP experience, with spacious rooms for those looking for luxury, coupled with options for shared rooms at a nearby hotel to accommodate all budgets.

For questions regarding Costa Rica, please inquire here.


A non-refundable deposit of 25% of your package is required at the time of booking. Notwithstanding the deposit, full refunds will be provided to those who wish to cancel up to 90 days before the retreat.


As SimplyBeMagic Mastermind Retreats has no control nor will be held accountable for weather, visa requirements, flight delays or missed flights and extraneous circumstances, retreat schedule and program is subject to change.