Welcome to SimplyBeMagic Mastermind Retreats.

The Alchemy of Magic starts with YOU.

We are a TRIBE of people dedicated to the seekers of the world.

What's a seeker, you might ask?

Seekers are global thinkers and change makers. 

Seekers see the universe as limitless, synchronous and magical. 

Seekers see the universe as a waking dream that they are consciously creating.

Seekers, knowing their limitless possibilities, seek to better not only themselves but the planet, and positively affect all those around them.

Seekers live in the vibration of love; CREATING compassion and COMMUNITY.

Seekers know that the alchemy of self, or the Carl Jungian "divine marriage of self” comes when outer and inner spirit are united.

Seekers know that NOW is the time and what they seek is also seeking them...

SimplyBeMagic Mastermind retreats...

 are designed to unfold your unique MAGIC, talents and gifts, your truth, your greatness, your limitless abundance and highest purpose on this planet. 

SBMM’s are taking place at some of the world's most luxurious, unique and in-demand destinations, yet still accessible to all. 

Kristin will guide you through a journey of self exploration, mindset coaching and business mapping…not to mention a whole lot of FUN! 


Check out 2019 below!

March 4-9, 2019


A mastermind retreat for heart-centered men and women.

We head to magical Canggu, Bali where we unite and mastermind in the holiest of countries.

May 20-25, 2019


A mastermind retreat for men, women, and entrepreneurs alike.

We gather in the countryside of Rome, bordering beautiful Tuscany for an epic, creative mastermind like never before.

November 10-15, 2019


A mastermind retreat for everyone.

Join couples, singles, men, women, and children as we all unite and mastermind in Nosara, Costa Rica

Hope to see you soon, seekers.

With magic and authenticity,