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Nosara,COSTA RICA | November 2019

This 6-day journey is a deep connection into mind body and soul. Join us as we release limiting beliefs and re-wire our brains, bio hack our bodies and bring the heart and soul into complete alignment. Reunite with your inner child and meet your high vibe soul tribe to accelerate your highest YOU and pure potential this 2019, in Costa Rica.

souL Tribe

Living your purpose

Signature Series

CANGUU, BALI | March 2020

Do you crave a deeper connection? Find your lives purpose and step into the truth of all that you are? Be supported by a SOUL TRIBE and community? A connection to your divine feminine and masculine power? This 6-day mastermind creates a new level consciousness to the way we lead, love, and thrive. 


Calling men and women ready to create epic change.

rome, Italy | may 2020.

In one of the most gorgeous parts of the world, amidst the magical landscape of The Casale Del Gallo, an authentic Roman Mansion and Chateau just 15 kilometers from the center of Rome, Kristin and her team will unite change makers at this breathtaking vineyard estate.


Spiritual Guru Kristin Balter creates three fully-immersive global retreats every year. Each package is designed to establish a global tribe of seekers looking to create their best lives and businesses with the power of community. These three global gatherings take place throughout the year at some of the world's most luxurious and in-demand destinations. 

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The SimplyBeMagic Mastermind Retreats are hosted at 5-star luxury and culturally authentic villas, set against gorgeous landscapes of oceans, vineyards, and jungles. The villas will serve as the Mastermind home base and are complete with the option for private or shared rooms, include on-site full-time staff, massage therapists, personal chefs, pool, fitness, meditation activities, and more.

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Seekers don't strive for money: they create wealth. They don't work a job: they build legacies. They don't pick and chose who they like and who they don't: they know that Love is their true nature. Perhaps most of all, they know that the planet is filled with a thriving community of seekers just like them, and say "YES" to experiences that bring them closer to this very tribe. If you seek this magic, you'll find it in our Masterminds. 

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Each of our Mastermind Retreats includes organic breakfasts and lunches, as well as additional culinary adventures, including wine tours, tastings, and private cooking classes with world-renowned chefs. Each of our retreats will also provide closing night themed dinner parties with multi-courses and wine pairings, hosted on property. 


Space for each of the Mastermind retreats is extremely limited. let’s get all your questions answered, learn all about our AMAZING TRIBE, CREATing magic, and aligning to the power of COMMUNITY.

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